Upcycled Pendants



It’s been a while since I made any upcycled pendants. Gosh, it felt great! I have forgot how much I LOVE making these little works of art! Look for more of these pendants SOON!

What has everyone else been up to?

Thanks for stopping 🙂




2 responses to “Upcycled Pendants

  1. Oh, K, these are special. Your work is always so spectacular. It’s good for the soul to be emersed in art. Good for you for taking time for yourself. I’m still in awe of how you create such masterpieces in teeny tiny spots.

  2. They are little works of art! I finally bought something off of Etsy the other day. However, I didn’t have a paypal account. Thankfully the owner was local and she let me mail her a check! Yaaay. It was a silver Gator pendant. Looked at your site too….time to get some stuff back in there girl. Love ya.

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