The Mystery Project

The Mystery Project challenges artists to experiment with the unexpected. Every participant received a mystery project kit, which includes a free Prismacolor Brush l Fine Art Marker in a surprise color and a secret theme to guide their work. Create a token of inspiration using the tools in their kit — it could be a drawing, a zine, a sculpture, or a collage — then install it in a public place for a stranger to discover.

Here is the prompt I got, plus a sweet goldenrod prismacolor marker

Here is what I made:

The drop off: at the boy’s school

What a fun project! Totally made me smile to do 🙂

Thanks for stopping in!



8 responses to “The Mystery Project

  1. Wow! I fun and cool is that! Love this robot by the way!

  2. I love it! That is so fun and such an inspiring idea. It just feels like you are spreading happy-art-goodness. I like that.

  3. Adorable!! i bet some lucky kid was thrilled to find it. What a fun project!

  4. i love it!!!

  5. Cool! I think I would have to sit there and see who got it. teehee

  6. Oh my goodness. Totally super duper cute. I LOVE what you did with the challenge. The robot is the cutest. Awesome bg.,

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