Sweet Pillow Talk

A while back when my niece Kate (turned 6 years old this week) was looking though my sketchbook with me and  then we just played. Here is the post about Just Play. Well, after a while she went back to a page in my sketchbook and said “How do I do that?”  In my mind it was just a bunch of doodling and a splash of color not a masterpiece! Nothing special!

I had it made into a pillow. NOW it is a Masterpiece! This pillow is 17 x 17.

I love how kids see things in a different light! I’m going to put on my kiddie goggles and head to the studio for a little painting!Watch out a masterpiece is in my future! SMILE!

Thanks for stopping in today!



3 responses to “Sweet Pillow Talk

  1. inkystamps

    That’s Wonderful!

  2. peggyshines

    Looks like the doodle art on that Ikea book case/dresser …. from a while back. Sometimes simple doodles are the best way to express what we feel. This feels like a whole lotta fun!

  3. Julie Prichard


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