i heart macro

WOW, the week has come and gone all ready! Time just seems to fly!!!! I was able to get out with Tracey and my boys this week. We went friday after the snow storm. It was just gorgeous out!

Here are my favorite shots:

Make sure you stop by Tracey’s blog to see her shots this week and wish her a Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ Love you Trace!

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and check out my photos!



10 responses to “i heart macro

  1. Wow! Such beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I love seeing posts like this! Great job, and keep it up!

  2. amazing pics!! I think teh last one is my fave

  3. Beautiful shots! Can’t even pick a favorite although I’m a sucker for water droplets. πŸ™‚

  4. beautiful shots, always so crisp and fresh you can smell all the wonderful scents of nature in your head….well okay, in my mind πŸ™‚

  5. I love how your photos are all so simple and yet so stunningly beautiful. I love the water trapped in the tendril. ( I have resin on my mind and that looks like an interesting idea!) thanks for dropping by my blog,

  6. Breath-taking! Love the ice,…it just looks so pure up close like this. Amazing photos!!

  7. These are some lovely shots. I can absolutely FEEL the cold they portray. Brrrr!

  8. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. these are wonderful!

  10. These are fantastic shots. The first is a fave!

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