P52- Drink up!

The prompt this week was drink up. Nothing better than starting and ending my day with a cup of tea! It’s my little bit of Zen each day!

I can’t to see what everyone else is drinking up! Thanks for stopping in to visit me!  Your comments fill my cup to the brim with smiles!



14 responses to “P52- Drink up!

  1. Looks nice….

  2. Nice picture! I’m trying to drink more tea instead of coffee!

  3. This picture makes me thirsty and I hate tea. LOL!

  4. We were drinking tea too this week.

  5. Such an inviting cup of tea….makes one want to stop and relax to enjoy it. Great shot!

  6. Lovely clean shot – the red tea looks so inviting, and calming. Happy Friday

  7. Great pic – might just have to pour a cuppa for myself! Happy Friday!

  8. Love clear glass… Nice photo.

  9. I just discovered tea this year, thanks to my college age daughter. I am finding that I am really beginning to like it. Great picture!

  10. Joining you at P52 🙂 Love your tea photo – very cozy!

  11. Love the steam…

  12. What a fantastic shot! Love the Teavana cup, its perfect for showing off your yummy looking tea! What flavor is this one? doesnt matterm they are all wonderful. Very clear and beautiful shot!

  13. that little cup is lovely

  14. adorable!!! come see our entry

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

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