Moving on….

Happy New Year…with a new year comes new adventures. One that I taking part in is the Bead Journal Project. As you seen at the end of the year I posted one bead embroidery pendant I did. Then,  I started another one after my foot surgery! Well, today I got my stitches out but have a lot of swelling in my foot yet! One good thing is,  I am starting to feel a lot more creative again! So, I finished up the happy mixture piece today. This piece is a little smaller than my first piece. Of course , I learn more things this time around. Like,  I should have used a lighter back ground! All and All I am happy with the piece.

So,  for the Bead Journal Project (BJP). I will being doing pendants in this size which is roughly 1  1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. My theme is “natures songs”. Once a month, I will post my creations! I am very excited to be participating. A little nervous too since I am such a newbie!

Thanks for stopping in to visit me today! Your comments make my heart sing- THANK YOU!



7 responses to “Moving on….

  1. cool idea to do pendants! I like your other elements paired with the beads.

  2. I really like your pendants, especially since you also composed the focal. I think its a great choice for the BJP.

  3. You don’t look like a newbie to me! This looks amazing! Although I admit, I have absolutely no experience in this type of bead work and jewelry making. What concentration, dedication, and PATIENCE (not to mention good eyesight and a steady hand) it must take to do this! You’ll get no competition from me! I’m lacking in several of those areas–but I don’t think I’ll say which ones publically! Ha!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. You are my happy mixture!!

  5. So glad to have you be a prat of the 2012 BJP with me! You are really stretching your creative wings and doing a fabulous job of it! Cannot wait to see you tomorrow. Love you!

  6. *Part, I really can spell, really!

  7. Wowzer K, another amazing pendent. Your work is always so cool and so inspirational! The detail is mind blowing.

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