Fly Happy

Last night, I gave you a peek at the pendant I was working on. This is my first attempt at bead embroidery. I have looked at so many websites and tutorials online. I think I did, ok….lots to learn that is for sure! This pendant is far from perfect. But bottom line is,  I had a blast learning…I was flying happy *wink wink*

Here is the work in process:

Here it is finished:

I think it need something more than one simple black cord. What do you think?

Happy Sunday, everyone 🙂 Hope you are having a nice relaxing day!



9 responses to “Fly Happy

  1. Oh no! I love the black shows off the bead work..fabulous!!

  2. Love how the pendant turned out and I love being able to see the process of how it is done. I think the simple cord is perfect and does not detract from the pendant.

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  4. This is gorgeous. Not at all what I was expecting!

  5. Good golly Miss Molly. You did a superb job with bead embroidery. Your work is impecable. You go girl!

  6. Ok Kim, this is fabulous!!! Love it 🙂

  7. I love that SO. MUCH.

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  9. I started reading your entries with the most recent and just arrived at this one. So I see now this really is a new adventure for you! I can’t believe this is your first effort though! It’s gorgeous! Love the colors, design, everything–and it looks to me like everything turned out just as it should. I would expect it to take several tries to get this sort of thing looking close to presentable. You got it right first time! Really amazing!

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