As we are getting into the Holiday Season. What kinds of Traditions do you have? For us we make Christmas ornaments each year and bake cut-out cookies.

The boys have been asking what kind of ornament we are going to make this year.  I have been looking and looking for ideas. Christy Tomlinson had  a new class,  The 12 Artsy Ornaments for Christmas.  So, I signed up and thought well maybe that would give me some inspiration.

Today, was the first day of five.  Alisa Burke, was one of the instructors today! Since, I had all the supplies to make here ornament. I gave it a try!

Here is the fruits of my labor:

I used my peerless watercolors on these! Still loving them 🙂

Happy Monday! Hope your week goes WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for stopping in to visit me!




8 responses to “Traditions

  1. Cute. I knew you’d love those water colors. Just took you 2 years to pull the trigger 🙂

  2. great ornie!!!! are these what the boys will make?

  3. them…I am off to give it a try!!

  4. Beautiful ornaments! We made glass ornaments at our house every year!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Great job.

  6. I love these! How sweet!

  7. Super cute heart! Looking forward to seeing the other 11 🙂

  8. Darling results. How pretty to have a tree full of these.

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