I have to say, that I am loving this enamel kit from Barbara Lewis. I was up late working in my studio last night. It is so exciting to see how the colors mix and build. It is a lot of things that , I love about glass fusing but at a quicker speed and of course different materials. Cutting out a shape out of metal- sanding it getting it ready to add enamel too! Making it your own. LOVE!!!

Here is the bracelet, I made last night:

“bits of love”

Close up of the enamel piece

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for stopping in!



4 responses to “Bits

  1. Great bracelet. Love all of these elements!

  2. oh this is so pretty…….love the colours……can’t wait to see what else you make from your kit

  3. Julie Prichard

    I love this bracelet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Julie! xox

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