I heart macro

It’s Sunday and time for i heart macro.  The weather has been not so wonderful this pass week but Tracey (A Beadiful Mess) and I still got out and got some shots and a nice walk in! Make sure to check out her wonderful i heart macro shots too!

Here are mine for the week:


Thank you for stopping in to check out my shots! Hope you have enjoyed them! Have a wonderful week !



19 responses to “I heart macro

  1. beautiful shots, love oak leafs….

  2. sighs…I can spell….leaves that is….sheesh

  3. The first pic is my favorite, love the dreamy quality to it! The color in those bugs is so beautiful against the gray tones of the dead milkweed. This is such a beautiful time of year, but I am so excited for spring and next summer. You are right, no wind will stop us. I am itching to get out again today, but got to watch the packers.

  4. Interesting! That one of the pod(?) is super neat.

  5. Really beautiful macro work!!!

  6. Really beautiful macro work!!

  7. Great work!!! You do amazing things!

  8. Very very very nice photo! The first photos was especially good!

  9. Great shots. Love the beetles in the seed pod.

  10. Oh goodness, that last shot, of the bird, is just *incredible*! Great macro shots all around though 😉

  11. The fall shots are fabulous! And the bird, well, you should just frame it!

  12. Oh the bird!!! What a beauty!!!

  13. All so beautiful..and so nice that you have a friend to go on your nature/photography walks with! I especially love the last one with the bird- that one is so stunning!

  14. A successful walk with beautiful photos to see! Love your bird shot!

  15. I love the first two pictures. Leaves are so photogenic, beautiful work.

  16. Those are gorgeous!

  17. I so love the picture of the bird! Wow! Sorry I,ve not been commenting a lot lately but did not blogged a lot either! Wish you the best!

  18. Wow that pod is wonderful and I love the picture of the titmouse….. oh poop love them all.

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