i heart macro

Time to share this weeks, i heart macro photos! I was lucky that my wonderful sister-in-law  Tracey and were able to meet up again and get coffee and take a nature walk. Tracey took me to he favorite place, I have to agree it is magical!!!!!

I also want to say that all the photos, I am sharing this week are from my Canon powershot. My Canon DSLR battery was dead 😦 But, I think I still got some neat shots!

Thanks for taking the time to peek at my photos! Have a wonderful week 🙂



20 responses to “i heart macro

  1. These are awesome. Love the details!

  2. awesome pics!! I think you have inspired me to plaY around with macro

  3. love your shots, the last milkweed is my favourite….

  4. Wow! those are great macros!

  5. Powershot or not, those are beautiful pics! I really like the one with the bug in the queen anns lace. I think its really cool. The bee in the fuzzy plant is amazing too. Then there is the milkweed! Amazing.

  6. *incredible* shots, is more like it! The textures and mood of these are awesome…

  7. Wow, incredible photos.:) Such detail! 🙂

  8. Man – these are so amazing! I wish I new how to use my camera as good as everyone who posts on Macro Sundays – I love these shots – the textures are amazing,,…and the little bugs – wow!!

  9. Gorgeous colors, I really like. Macros really delicious.

  10. Love the milkweed pod — so much texture. Lovely series of shots. 🙂

  11. You got some incredible nature shots too! Just shows you don’t have to have a fancy camera to get beautiful photos!

  12. You really captured the intricate details of nature. Such lovely shots. The little bee rooting around in the white flower with the drops is incredible; the colors and texture remind more of a painting.

  13. What lovely shots! It truly is a magical place.

  14. You got some amazing shots…just goes to show what you can do with a Powershot….nice job! Thank you!!

  15. Wow, gorgeous macros.

  16. OMG!!! A…MAY…ZING shots sweetie! They are all fab {even the insects, blahhh!} my fav though has to be the cone…it’s pretty awesome ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  17. I love those! How close did you need to be!!! I’m too much afraid to get too close of thoses! LOL

  18. You do wonderful things with that macro lens, K! HUGS.

  19. Gorgeous macro shots! I amn so envious of all the things you have there to take pictures of. I grew up in Massachusetts and your photo made me remember and miss milk wee pods. We used to send the seeds of into the air on their fluffy white feathery wings and watch them soar in the breeze. It made me want to fly or at least dance.

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