WOWZERS, it is so hot here in WI…it has over a 100 degrees with the heat index for days! Super duper humid! ICKY!!!Today, is suppose to be the worst of the heat wave. I am planning to play in my studio lots today! LOL!

Yesterday, I spent a little time in my studio dreaming up some new designs.

Here is one of the new designs, I came up with.

“Summer Wings”

Tomorrow, I am off to CHA to meet up with Chelsea πŸ™‚ I can’t wait!

Thanks for stopping in! I always treasure your comments!



5 responses to “HOT

  1. Beautimous! Makes me wanna fly away to a cooler place. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. wow!! I love it! the heat must be good motivation

  3. Love the wings …. And I can’t wait either!!!!!

  4. Awesome!!!!!! Love wings. Have fun with Chelsea.

  5. Wowza (as you said in your post), this is drop over gorgeous. I LOVE it. Is it for sale? This really speaks to me.

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