Things are super duper busy here. Last week of swim, one more week of summer school. One more week of crazy hours for the hubby!

The only thing, helping me keep it all together is my garden. I have been playing with the overlays in Photoshop.

#1- bloom from my favorite hosta

#2 Destine to See

#3 Little purple flowers in yellow boots

#4 Lady Scarlet

#5 Crazy Daisy

#6 Bloom of Lily

I used my banner back ground as the overlay.  Which I also had made into my business cards- they should arrive today! WOO HOO! Do you have a favorite of the group???? What’s your favorite flower???

Thanks for checking in today! Happy FRIDAY!!!!



4 responses to “Overlays

  1. #4 would be my favorite!! Have a great day Kim!

  2. I love #3…. these are totally awesome….. this is great. Enjoy!

  3. I like the hosta bloom

  4. OMGosh K, how beautiful. You rock photoshop. Your daylilies are my fav.

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