It’s OK

******All this pendants have been listed in my Etsy shop*******

Here it is, the new series “It’s OK”.  We have to remember that “it’s OK” to have feelings, ask for help, etc…. I think we all forget that sometimes! So, I am telling you “It’s OK”, be you …be different…. be FABULOUS!

Close up of ” scarlet bright” and “delicate flower”

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The boys and I had lots of fun! Spent a lot of time in the studio. I have lots of exciting things to show you this week.

Thanks for taking time to come visit me and leave a comment. Means so much to me 🙂



4 responses to “It’s OK

  1. Love the title, the inspiration and these pendants are AMAZING! {{adore}}

  2. Holy smokes GF, these are over-the-top wonderful. Do you work with tweezers? I am in love with the idea of adding those words. Being teeny tiny I’m curious.

  3. These are awesome!

  4. Yeah, thumbs up for the shop!! These are so extrordinary, cute but so meaningful!
    Have a lovely week, K!

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