Doing more work on the She girls. It’s lots of FUN! Tomorrow, I am going to work with my beads again! SMILE!

Here is Destiny. She knows the way! How about you????

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7 responses to “Destiny

  1. Oh my! Love it!. The lace and ribbon are perfect touches. Love all the circles and blue.

  2. I love her skirt!

  3. Love her little lace skirt popping off the page. Gorgeous composition!

  4. Love your girl! I’m taking this class too. Hope I can make one beautiful girl like yours!

  5. Holy smokes! OMG. This rocks! Your faceless girl is fab! Love your scrabble lettering too. Great class you’re taking. What a good student you are.

  6. Tracey Allen

    What a sweet skirt she has! You are the queen of collage, Kim!

  7. this is so cool!

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