Yesterday, I spend the day working on some big scrabble tile pendants! This is one of the ones I made.

Last night after dinner this is what goes over the top of my house!

So low that we could talk to the 3 people in the basket! It was really neat but a little worrisome too!

How you are all having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in to visit me! Your comments mean the world to me!


PS- I am so happy for the Miners and their families in Chili! I am addicted to watching them all be reunited with their families!


5 responses to “Coincidence

  1. Magical! I love happy endings, too. Ok, please please tell me more about the big scrabble tiles. You know I’m dying to hear about it.

  2. wow, kim!! I love this!!! you rocked it for sure

  3. WOW … he really was close … and I love the scrabble tile!

  4. How cool is that?! Your domino rocks, and so does your story. Psychic are you? I really enjoy seeing your domino art. So professional for sure!

  5. Love the tiles you’ve been creating lately! I cant imagine working on such a small surface area! Beautiful hot air balloon pic too!

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