Card One:

Card Two:

Sorry about the bad photos but you get the idea!

I am so EXCITED!!!!

Thanks for stopping in!



11 responses to “Published!!!

  1. Great job girl!! Way coolio…..I can’t wait to get my copy.

  2. So exciting! Do you submit often?

  3. Congratulations, Kim!

  4. Congrats chickie!!! You ROCK!!!

  5. Congratulations. Great cards. But, you always do great Halloween cards.

  6. wicked cool!!!

  7. Hip hip hooray, K!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited for you too!! It’s so cool to see your name in print and I love your projects too!!!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Wow! I’m so happy and proud for you! 🙂

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on your publication. You are so very talented and I’m so excited for you!!



  10. Halloween = awesome! That particular image = more awesome.

    You being published = super duper awesome!!!


  11. Congrats! Woohoo! Huzzah!

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