Crusade No. #42- Strip Ease

Since,  I finally finished my Big Challenge piece (see last post if you missed) and got my journal for The Sketchbook Project.  I am feeling very BRAVE!  Thinking I might have to make a bigger journal once I finish this one 🙂 This one seems a little small now! WOW, never thought I would say that!

In a few days we are heading out on vacation. We are going to are favorite spot! It’s the one place my art seems to flow free! Nothing like the great outdoors to inspire you!

Thanks for stopping and checking out my crusade piece!



18 responses to “Crusade No. #42- Strip Ease

  1. Kim – terrific background with the strips. It really works with your added bits. Thanks for sharing with the team. Yay for being brave! Have a great vacation.

  2. I love the subtle but rich colors!

  3. I think this is one of my favorite crusades ever! Well done!

    Happy vacation!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  4. How about ACHIEVE next? You did it my friend!!! Have a great one.

  5. This is wonderful, Kim. The strips work so well and I love how you have melded the page togther with your journalling.
    Have a great time away!

  6. Kim…this is a wonderful spread…good luck on your sketchbook project.

  7. fabricfan

    Beautiful page, love the colours.

  8. Beautiful! Love the colours ! AND it is good to be brave sometimes…

  9. Holy smokes, this is sooooooo awesome. You really know how to work those colours. You go GF!

  10. Heading for a bigger journal? Good on you! Love the page you have done. As fas as I am concerned, heading into the great outdoors is very brave. I’m more a running hot water and room service kind of girl…

  11. That’s a great piece!

  12. you ARE brave and your art loves you for it. I love the great background you made to support your words!

  13. Very nice pages! Enjoy your vacation!

  14. Gorgeous journal. I’m guessing it’s getting filled up quickly on vacation. Have a grand time!

  15. Love how your page elements all blend together. Have a great vacation.

  16. Beautiful !!
    Such vibrant and cheerful colours .

  17. The colors are gorgeous here.

  18. Beautiful colorful pages, well done !

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