The games people play…

is the theme at Mixed Media Monday! I felt I need to jump in on this one since I have plenty of game pieces!

“Game on” 4 x 6 inch postcard!



Thanks for stopping in! Happy Monday!



11 responses to “The games people play…

  1. This is great–love them!!

  2. Great postcard!

  3. These post cards are simply adorable!!

  4. Wonderful postcards- so creative!

  5. What fabulous postcards! LOVE them! – Kris

  6. mixedmediamonday

    What a fantastic piece! Diane (MMM)

  7. This is so neat,love all the details.

  8. This looks great!

  9. Wonderful piece. I especially love that you put a few pieces of cards on the back. Cool.

  10. How cool. Lots going on. It looks encaustic but you didn’t mention it was. You good, you good.

  11. WOW my friend these post cards are amazing great job on the challenge.

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