Fresh Ink

Last night I got a tattoo! Nope you did not hear me wrong. Miss College Ink and I went last night and got fresh ink!

This is what I got! The photo is right after it was done:

This is something I have wanted for a long time. The owl represents my spirit, the crescent moon is Joe – who has my soul and the three stars are the kids- Leighia, Sam and Ben. It is on the back of my right shoulder.

Here is Miss College Ink’s tat:

This is Leighia’s symbol of growth. Her connection to Grampa Jack!

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for stopping into visit!



4 responses to “Fresh Ink

  1. love it !!! Those are great! You are much braver than me!

  2. I’m with Chelsea! Love the image and you are braver then I am!

  3. Holy Cow GF that is a very cool tat but not for me not that brave.

  4. Love that tattoo, K! How’s it healing?

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