Hand illustrated postcard sent to someone in an exchange! Postcards are so fun to send and cheap!

Happy Hump Day! Thanks for stopping in to visit!



9 responses to “Meow…

  1. happy hump day! This is so fun.

  2. Love it! Do you clear coat the postcards before you send them? I have really been enjoying your postcards and was wondering how they “traveled” through the postal service.

  3. oooh, very cool …. I like your design…. cute… how fun! what’s next?

  4. Gorgeous job! I’m impressed!!! Love it!

  5. SOOOOO Cute!

  6. Absolutely stunning! LOVE your drawing & the colours are so sweet. Great idea to send postcards. I need to keep in touch more & that’d be a fantastic way!

  7. This is so cute. Your drawings are so cute. No doubt the recipient of your postcard is going to love it. I know I would!

  8. Hi,

    I would love to exchange postcards! I just need a postal address.

    My address is:

    One Million Postcards
    6206 Wade Road #230
    Baytown, TX
    77521-8868 USA

    My Blog explains my quest:

    May God bless all your endeavors,
    Don Morrison –

    P.S. You have a very cute Blog!

  9. oh GF I just love your post cards and those blue eyes on that kitty are fab.

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