It is NO secret I love Bats!


I used two pages in my journal. So this measures 5 x 14 inches!

Have a wonderful Friday! Thanks for stopping in to see me!




8 responses to “Batty

  1. ADORABLE!!!!!

    You are rocking this watercolor stuff Kim!

  2. How fun! Love the bat you drew–it looks so perfect!

  3. Super cute! I like the sky color and the moon!! Along the lines of the numbers you had running through a project a while ago…. I’m loving the white gel pen circles with the line… looks like tons of lollipops!!!

  4. Very cool! He looks like a friendly bat! 🙂

  5. The little illustrations you have been doing are getting super cute! xo

  6. Oh la la, your soft pastel bg is sooooooooo pretty. Your pages rock!

  7. Your drawing is fantastic, K. The best thing about bats is they eat bugs. I love that.

  8. Love it and the colors are so great in real life too …

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