Back in the saddle again

I have been off track of my goals for a while. You might say I took a detour. Even though the scenery has been nice I have to get back on the  path to success if I want to ACHIEVE my goal.


*Supplies- Watercolors, black pen, vintage paper, gesso, and white gel pen*

Have a wonderful Thursday! Thanks for stopping in!




6 responses to “Back in the saddle again

  1. REALLY good Kim!

    Where is the mixed media octopus?

  2. Love it! Great looking cat! So, how does the text come through the white areas? This is a fun page!

  3. K Hutchinson

    Thanks so much Peggy! I am really trying to be comfortable with my drawings- you are sooooo much better than me! This style is me!

    Gesso is on the vintage paper- it makes it so you can still see some of the text under it- Pretty cool!


  4. One step at a time for sure..although I enjoy the occasional side-track. =)

  5. Another ohh la la. You create the best projects with your ubber talent GF!

  6. Taking the long way around with detours is so much more scenic. Enjoy the journey.

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