Happy Monday

I think this is the first time in a long time that I have the Mixed Media Monday Challenge done on a Monday! LOL! The theme this week is inspirational words. Since my word for this year is ACHIEVE. I used that on my journal page! I had a really good time working the paint at 6am! LOL!


Thanks so much for all your comments they brighten my day so much! xox




13 responses to “Happy Monday

  1. beautiful piece, the colors and flow of the vine and I like hearts so much too!

  2. Wow this is stunning.
    Brilliant art.

  3. Lovely thought, beautifully portrayed!

  4. Wonderful page!

  5. To achieve is also to grow?? 🙂

  6. Very cool! I love the urban feel to it.

  7. Another great page… how big is this??? Very cool!

  8. So eyecatching and effective. Great work.

  9. it’s great!!!

  10. mixedmediamonday

    Beatiful piece, and powerful words! Diane

  11. Wonderful page. love the saying

  12. So you’re not sleeping again, eh?! Your piece is beautiful. I don’t see you use pink often–well it’s red and white, but it still made pink! LOL. The shabby chic look is awesome and it is something I would like to try and do. Congrats on another stunning piece of art!

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