Meet Lilly

The theme at Mixed Media Monday is Mermaids. My muse has gone on vacation, so I stumbled on this one until tonight!


8 x 8 canvas

This is Lilly the Mermaid. She is queen of the sea.  Benner named her. Not sure why he picked Lilly for her name but I like it!  I know this is not my usually style but I thought I would give it a try!

Thanks for stopping in 🙂 Many many thanks for your comments!




15 responses to “Meet Lilly

  1. mixedmediamonday

    Oh, Lilly is gorgeous, Kim! Love her! Diane

  2. Looks great. thanks for participating in the MMM challenge.

  3. Her eyes are the first thing that struck me! It’s almost like she can see me! Love the name, fits her too. Number, like that theme running through your work… and like the text I can barely see in spots. A+

  4. I like how the text blends into the image here, and the little details like the crown, the necklace and little heart! so so pretty 🙂

  5. Wonderful painting. Lilly is a good name for her. (Maybe it came from lilly pad)

  6. I’m with Char, I thought of lily pad, too. Great name for this gem of a piece. She’s completely fun and wonderful.

  7. fintastic!! She came out great & Lilly is a wonderful name for her.

  8. She is soooo cute!! I see you are really enjoying mixed media now. I’m still blown away from the pieces in your earlier post of two days ago. You did a bang up job on the mermaid. I love her haircut 🙂

  9. Kim, Lilly is great! Love her pearls and the print under the blue sea paint! :> TiikkiStars @ the Shack :>

  10. Lily is wonderful! Love her eyes and pearls! What a great piece of art!!

  11. She is lovely…beautiful colours!

  12. Renu (midnitecreations)

    This is sooo cool! Love it.

  13. She is so cute! What a neat piece!

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