Do you need a 10 cent gift?

As some of my on-line gal pals and I were talking about how much stuff we have. I said, I really would not need to buy anything for the rest the year other than adhesive and white cardstock. I suggest we do a cardboard, chipboard, or coaster challenge.

This is what I came up with using coasters, chipboard, and a fork!


All stamps are from TAC


Then to display it I took a fork from the thrift store that I got for 10 cents and made a holder for it! This would be cute and fast to do as a little photo frame too! You take the outside fork prongs and bends them back and the middle two prongs you bend forward. Yes, it is that simple!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in!




13 responses to “Do you need a 10 cent gift?

  1. Very cute!! I’ve seen thes forks used as hooks on the wall too! Years ago my mom made chimes out of thrift forks, knives and spoons that she flattened with a hammer, drilled a hole and fishing line through… very cute for an eclectic garden.

  2. How you soar with your challenge piece! Love the fork stand!

  3. Excellent holder! So creative!
    Your coaster is a beauty!

  4. This rocks!! What an adorable holder. You are such a talented and creative lady. Hope to see it used more on your blog.

  5. Love the fork idea! So Unique! Too Cool!

  6. Such an adorable fork holder and I love the 10 cent gift. The soar bird collage is amazing. Beautiful work.

  7. well how cool is that!!! I love it & the fork is a very clever idea!

  8. Very clever. Love the fork stand! Now I’m going to have to search some yard sales for forks…or raid the kitchen drawer…

  9. I am such a fan of altered cutlery, what a perfect stand for your wonderful bird collage! Love them!

  10. Fun idea, the fork stand! I have sooooo much stuff…stashes and stashes…

    good ideas here!

  11. Great idea to use the fork like this ! Thanks !

  12. I love this Kim!!! The fork stand is genius! 🙂

  13. Renu @ midnitecreations

    Love the fork frame!!

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