Sweet Smell of Roses

Something about the sweet smell of roses that reminds me of the all the summers of living on Walker Street! Lots of good memories in that little house! I sure do miss it! I like to drive by and see the rose Mr. Ink and I planted!


Happy Hump day! Thanks so much for stopping in!




9 responses to “Sweet Smell of Roses

  1. Absolutely wonderful page. We had a rose garden in our first little house. I miss it.

  2. I miss my little house near your Walker St house too! We had that huge rosebush on the side that would bloom with hundreds of tiny roses every year. So pretty! There is something about those tiny little old houses that warms your heart, isnt there? So much character and so many memories. I wish I was still there.

  3. Very cute… I like the numbers running through your pages…like the smattering of cobalt blue & lime green.

  4. This collage is absolutely fantastic! Great composition, color, everything….

  5. Holy canolli, I am totally behind on your blog. I am loving all the spring things. And, your creation about Ben’s tonsils is great.

  6. Stunning piece!!

  7. Great collage. I love those bees. Is it something you made?

  8. Love this collage. And I too, am longing for summer…5 degrees above the donut here tonight…YIKES!

  9. Oh SNAP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this with the bugs on it. And your envelopes below? To die for! Girl, you seriously need to open an art gallery….you’ve got mad skills, I’m tellin’ ya.


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