Fri-cake day= Yummy fun

Hello and Happy Fri-cake day! I am back working in my FORK-It book! Today’s recipe,  I have used more times then I can count …anytime I need to make frosting for cookies I use this. Actually it is requested by Mr. Ink! I have to say I have lost the recipe many times too  and had to call my SIL to get it ! Lucky for me she is a good sport and does make to much  fun  of me for calling to get all the time.


Look at how sweet Tracey’s handwriting is! It is as sweet as she is. xoxox

Well I better get running I need to go to the store to get more bread. My 16 year old cat- Nala ate the loaf of bread during the night! LOL! You would think after all these years I would get smart and put the bread where she could not eat it! LOL!  Sam was pretty excited since now I am going to have lunch with him today! SMILE!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I have been working more on my pink pages from yesterday! I will give you another update on them tomorrow! Thanks for stopping in!




6 responses to “Fri-cake day= Yummy fun

  1. cute kim … yummy!

  2. Just think when you’re done, what a great keepsake you’ll have. I bet this is a fun project! mmm, mmmm good! I like this one!

  3. Fun and yum project!

  4. I agree with Godelieve, this is a fun project!!

  5. I hope it will get warmer soon so you can keep creating 🙂

  6. Yum, that sounds like a great frosting. Our old dog eats the bread if we forget to put it in the breadbox, too. Silly animals. Love the page.

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