Wall Hanging

Hey gang, I am here Today with a fun project using a page from the 6 x 6 scallop wooden book to make a wall hanging.  I think these pages are the perfect size to make a wall hanging with. What,  I just love is that each book comes with 4 pages. So, you could make 4 wall hangings from one book. Can you say lots of BANG for your buck!!! OH YEAH!

My wall hanging is called memento’s of the heart. The first thing I did was use the gelli art printing plate to do my back ground. I love you do not have to prep these books before you get busy creating with them. I also used Dad’s tie 6 x 6 stencil on the gelli art printing plate. I tend to stick with 3 colors on the gelli art printing plate. Then I moved on to adding some collage elements. You want to create movement with the pieces so I add in 3′s more the most part. I then drew out my gal on paper and painted her then adding her to scallop page. You could just paint her right on but I never have luck with that so I do it this way. I then added my words. Then the fun part comes with adding in little details. I used a regular Bic pen, gel pens, and a black colored pencil. Oh and some washi tape. Gosh…I love that stuff!  Once, I was happy with it, I sealed it all with a matt finish.  Used some string, lace and a twig to make a hanger. Cheap, cute and FUN gift!




Happy collages

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Hello everyone! Happy Hump day. We are in the middle of our spring break here in Wisconsin. Truly it doesn’t seem like spring at all…on Monday we got snow and it’s been cold ever since. Currently it is 28 degrees. We are sooooo ready for some warm weather but I guess we have to wait on that.

Anyways, we are doing lots of fun happy things on Spring break. The first thing we did was go to a Milwaukee Brewers game . This is the best Happy video.  I am not going to share all the happy things we are doing on Spring break until the end of the week. I am going to show you this one project the boys and I did. I am so proud of them.

3 x 3 collages on wood. We stated by doing this presses on the gelli art plate then adding collages to them. Both boys have a great time and their projects turned out awesome.

First up is Ben’s:

Bencollage1 bencollage2


samcollage1 samcollage2

and Mine:

choosehappycollage1 choosehappycollagecorner

Did you miss my tunnel vision book to BE HAPPY over at GJS. Check it out, Here!

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Needle Punch

Things have been really hectic here….so I have not had a lot of time to spend down in my studio. Plus, I have hit allergy season…spring and I are not BFF’s :(

So, I have been doing some more needle punching.  It’s so fun and relaxing. So, of course I went all crazy researching all about needle punch. Ordered good supplies. I am still waiting on the gripper frame. Fingers crossed it comes tomorrow!



Of course Ben, had to give it a try too! He likes doing it!


A button jar- I used hot glue and melted a little of the string on the B…oh well live and learn.


A little love jar to put candy in


A tulip to put on a journal cover.

What is everyone else working on…I am finally heading back to my studio today. Monday, I will have a new project for you using Genuinely Jane Studios. I also got my beads from my bead soup partner so I will be sharing that real soon as well!

Bead Journal Project



Here is my piece for January’s Bead Journal Project.

What this piece means to me. First, I did an oval (egg) shape since it means new starts. Nothing more perfect for a first clean start for the new year. I did a collage under a piece of glass. On the collage is the word bright. Which means to give out a lot of light, vibrant, and luminously. I am so hoping to have my soul be so vibrant this year. Next on the collage, I used a butterfly (okay half a butterfly). Butterflies symbolize  a powerful transformation. Which is one of the many things I am working on this year. To be okay being me. Last is the color of the beads I choose and what they mean. Blue beads, mean trust and peace. Green beads, balance and growth. Silver beads, soothing and calm. Gold beads, success and achievements.  These are all the things I want for myself this year!


Thanks for stopping in to see my piece.



Art Journal Page

The last couple of days, I’ve been working on a art journal page in the same Alena Hennessy style. I’m a planner, plan and simple. So, this style of just paint from the heart and it will come I thought would be really hard for me. Turns out I was wrong. I enjoy the process so much more.

LBfacecloseupweek8 LBgirlcloseupweek8 LBheartcloseupweek8 LBweek8


I have learned a lot of things with this journal page. Plus, it just felt good!

Next thing, I will be posting is my Bead Journal Project….almost finished with it!

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your Friday!



Child’s play painting

So, I have been busy working on my Life Book lesson for this week. The Joy of Intention with Alena Hennessy. I have to admit before this week, I have never heard of Alena. But, I can tell you that I am smitten with her work and style. I’m going to admit some of these weeks of Life Book have been difficult for me and some just not my think. Alena lesson made me feel so free and happy! Some how when I take classes I get lost in WHO I AM…and I hate that. Feeling like I have lost my style. Painting by intuition, without a plan was awesome.

childsplayLB2014 childsplayLBfull


Thanks for popping in to visit.  Enjoy your day!



GJS- Triangle wooden book

Hello everyone, I’m  here with a new project using the Triangle book from GJS. I wanted to do a project that I could hang on my wall (in my studio) to remind me of my word of the year. My word this year is focus.

IMG_2164 IMG_2166 IMG_2169 IMG_2171 IMG_2173


Okay, here is the 411 on my project.

1.  Covered each triangle with random bits of paper. I love to use my boys old school work and book pages.

2. Gesso over each triangle.

3. Used 3 colors of acrylics to paint the triangles.

4. Used 2 stencils. One with black paint and one with white paint.

5. I drew and painted a swan (but you could use clip art or anything else you want for your image).

6. I took all 4 triangles and put them in a row. I laid my swan (image) on top of the row of triangles to find out the place to cut the swan apart to put on each page.

7. I glued the swan parts down with gel medium.

8. Printed off my words on the computer, cut, colored and glued them down.

9. I took a permeant ball point pen and added in small details and doodles.

10. I then used a spray to seal it.

I know you are thinking!  How am I going to hang this on my wall? I use Command Poster Strips. Works like a charm. One of the things,  I love about these books is they are light weight but so sturdy.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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